House Rules

The Siege of Akaris – House Rules version 4.0

Standard Access Books:

  • Core, APG, UM, UC, ACG, Pathfinder Unchained, Bestiary for companions/familiars.

Ultimate Equipment gear costs+30% surcharge or double price if under 5000. (whichever is higher for gear under 5000.
Advanced Class Guide gear pre-disapproved for now; might become available later.

  • 25 Point Buy. No extra points for selling scores under 10
  • At 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, add +2 to one stat or +1 to 2 stats. If this would make the base stat above 20, you only get half of the effect ( +1 to one stat, or +0.5 to 2 stats).
  • standard races. majority of the capital city’s inhabitants are humans, with a good-sized dwarf enclave.
  • there is no Darkvision, except on some monsters. and from spells. any player race that had Darkvision now has low light vision.
  • most classes are in, requires approval for some classes. Use Unchained version for Barbarian, Rogue, Summoner, and Monk, if desired.
  • most Archetypes are in, requires approval.
  • No Alternate Favored Class abilities.
  • Hit Points: everyone needs to reroll their hit points. maximum hit points for the first 5 levels and roll the rest: 1d4 + whatever is 4 less than your hit die type. (d4 + 6 for d10)
  • No Traits. ( Additional Traits Feat is removed)
  • free feat at 1st level.
  • Weapons:
    remove all previous house rules for weapons
    • x4 crit weapons become x3
    • spears are a one-handed martial weapon or a two handed simple weapon.
    • firearms: not a touch attack
  • guns, crossbows, and non-composite bows can be built with a Strength damage bonus (default STR 10 (+0)), just like composite bows. formula for pricing: bow/crossbow 100sc per point. guns: 300sc per point. If you lack the requisite STR, you take the -2 penalty to attack rolls (like bows).
  • Firearms:
Pistol:700sc1d820 x3201fullroundPmuzzle-loading
Musket:1000sc1d1220 x3401fullroundPmuzzle-loading
Revolver:4000sc1d820 x3205standardPcylinder feed, alchem.
Rifle:2500sc1d1220 x3801standardPbreech feed, alchemical
Bolt Action Rifle:6000sc1d1220 x3808standardPalchemical, clip feed
Light Air Rifle:2000sc1d820 x3608fullroundPdrop feed/ air bottle
Heavy Air Rifle:3000sc1d1020 x3608fullroundPdrop feed/ air bottle
  • Spells:
    • Add + 1 spell slot to every spell level you can cast except for the highest level, unless you only have 1st level spells, then add the + 1 to that level as well.
    • All damage cantrips are Short Range, and there is one of each element that does 1d6 damage, except sonic, which does 1d4. At caster level 8, the damage die increases by one (1d8 elemental, 1d6 sonic).
    • Disrupt Undead does 1d8, and at caster level 8, goes up to 1d10.
    • Healing Spells:
      • Rallying Strike: any healing spell may instead be cast as a Rallying Strike.
        • step 1: choose target of healing spell (ally) and target of Rallying Strike (enemy), both must be within 30 feet of you.
        • step 2: make normal melee or ranged weapon attack.
          • on a hit: normal damage is dealt, and ally is healed the full amount, and the spell is expended.
          • on a miss: ally is healed for half of the normal amount the spell would heal, and the spell is expended.
      • Cure Wounds spells: have a fixed bonus, instead of per level scaling:
      • Cure Light: 2d8 + 5
      • Cure Moderate: 3d8 + 10
      • Cure Serious: 4d8 + 15
      • Cure Critical: 5d8 + 20
      • Cure Light, Mass: 2d8 + 20
      • Cure Moderate, Mass: 3d8 +25
      • Cure Serious, Mass: 4d8 + 30
      • Cure Critical, Mass: 5d8 + 35
  • Scrolls:
    • Activating a scroll is the normal casting time of the spell, or a standard action, whichever is faster.
  • Taking a Short Rest: 10 minute rest.
    • Second Wind:
      • Once per encounter, and only as many times per day as half your Hit Dice, you can take a standard action to do a Second Wind, and heal 1d6, 8, 10, or 12 (whatever your class Hit Dice is) + twice your character level. If you multi-class, track each die type separately.
      • Out of combat, you can spend as many Second Winds as you’d like during a short rest.
      • Second Winds refresh half of your total Hit Dice (round up) after resting overnight. (6 per long rest, at 11th level)
  • Feats:
    • Gang Up works on the first ranged attack of your turn.
    • Weapon-specific feats: applies to a Fighter Weapon group instead of a single weapon.
    • Additional Traits Feat is removed
    • Crafting Feats: there are 3 total:
      • Craft Arms and Armor (5th): Weapons, Armor, Rods
      • Craft Wondrous Item (3rd): Wondrous Items, Staves, Rings
      • Craft Consumable Item (1st): Scrolls, Potions, Wands
        (treat Scribe Scroll and Brew Potion as a class ability for Wizards and Alchemists, respectively, that mimics that part of the Craft Consumable Item feat).
        (items with both charges and permanent use require both feats, and minimum CL on items still apply)
  • Metamagic Feats: once per day free use of the feat without changing cast time or spell level of spell. prepared casters must designate the use during spell preparation. cannot use this on any spell that you couldn’t cast normally.
  • Class Abilities:
    • Barbarian Rage: Use Unchained version. base is +2 att/dmg with melee or thrown weapons, +2 Will saves, -2 AC, temp hit points equal to 2x your HD. When Rage ends, you are fatigued for two rounds per round spent Raging. Cannot gain temp hit points more than once per minute.
  • Paladin: when a Paladin uses Lay on Hands on someone other than himself, the target can initiate a Second Wind as an immediate action if they haven’t used their Second Wind yet that encounter.
  • Familiars: gain feats as if they were either 1/2 the caster’s class level, or the same as a Druid companion of the caster’s level, whichever is lower. because I hate the no feats for familiars rule.
  • Skills: everyone gets +2 skill points per level above what their class says.
  • Skill changes: Perception and Spellcraft now cost 2 skill points per rank. Linguistics costs 1 skill point per language, independent to normal skill ranks.
  • Perform (Weapon Drill) is a valid skill for Bard Song.
  • Combat:
    • Attacking from Stealth: if you are undetected by the target (your Stealth beats their Perception), you are functionally Invisible (except that See Invisible does not detect you), and can Sneak Attack.
    • Standing Up: costs half of your movement instead of all of a move action. can use tumble normally.
      • Open Door: costs 20 feet of movement to open a door
      • Pick Up Items:
        • 10 pounds or less: uses 10 feet of movement
        • Halfling sized or smaller: uses 20 feet of movement
        • anything bigger: move action
  • Magic Items:
    • mostly standard rules, but many items require approval, and prices might not always be as per the books, but that is the minimum.
    • Magic Items from outside the 4 core books incur a minimum 30% (or more) surcharge. Any Wondrous Items of 5000sc or less from the Ultimate Equipment have their price doubled instead. items changed by errata only incur the 30% surcharge.
    • Energy Burst weapons deal one die size smaller (d8 vs d10) but also deal one more die on a critical than it says in the book. (2d8 for a x2 weapon)


cp = copper piece, or Penny.
sp = sb, Silver Bit, or Bit.
gp = sc, Silver Crown, or Crown.
pp = ga, Golden Arrow, or Arrow.
pp x10 = pi Platinum Imperator, or Imperator.
1pi = 10ga = 100sc = 1000sb = 10000cp

same 1 to 10 ratio as you convert up or down.
Since you will likely be encountering various countries’ currencies over time, I’ll keep them translated into the above values for ease of record keeping, and just mention that they are foreign coins, and their value in Akaris coinage.

  • Item Creation.
    • CL must be high enough to cast any spell used in the item description, and also high enough to get any effect out of a spell being used in that item’s creation.
  • Drinking a Potion is a Move Action that provokes an AoO, or a Standard Action that does not.
  • Wand and Scroll save DCs: 8 + Spell Level + user’s casting stat bonus.
  • Action Points: each character gets 3. add an exploding d6 to any roll, after the roll but before the result is known. refreshes when the DM says.

Shifter Class Rules
You can shift at will into a normal animal form. You gain the physical stats of the animal, but retain your own hit point total. Wild Armor does not work with this aspect.
You gain Shift tokens, which you spent to shapeshift into combat forms.
Total Shift Tokens: 3 + 1 per 2 Shifter levels + your Wisdom modifier.
Shift Token cost:
1 point: become any creature of your size, as Beast Shape or Monstrous Physique.
1 extra point: become a larger creature.
1 extra point: become an elemental or plant, as Elemental Body or Plant Shape.
after Shift Tokens are exhausted, you can spend 10 hit points in the place of a Shift Token. this hit point loss can’t be healed until you take a long rest.
Can choose Monstrous Physique line of spells at same level as Beast Shape spells. instead of the bonus (if any) to Con, you gain the amount of hit points you would have gained as temporary hit points, and a bonus to Fort saves equal to half the Con bonus (see Unchained Barbarian Rage).
If Beast Shape/ Elemental Body/ Plant Shape/ Monstrous Physique allows a larger form than you’re shifting into, gain half of the difference in attribute bonus between your current size and the potential size. [example: 10th level Shifter (access to beast Shape III) shifts into a medium wolf, spending 1 Shift Token. Beast Shape I grants +2 Str and +2 natural armor. since you have access to a Huge animal, you instead gain the difference: +4 Str and +4 natural armor (6 – 2, and 6 – 2).]
Wild Armor works with any combat form.
Forms last 1 hour/2 levels of Shifter, or until you change again, sleep, get knocked unconscious or killed.
No Druid restrictions on armor or weapons.
Gains spells as Ranger.
Everything else as Shifter class.

House Rules

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