Shadow Hunters

Shadow Hunters


Dave: list and provide a short description of your character for the Shadow Hunters in the Roaring Twenties game.
Shawn: As light (Martyn) or whole hog (Shawn) as you like.

Cam: Melee

Brutus – Merchant Marine with a cutless
Wanted to go fishing at Davin’s lake cabin

David: playing an arcanist type

Tallyn – Arcanist with amnisia.
D’avin’s cousin

German: playing an investigator type.

Zack – Private eye
has consulted with D’avin on several cases

Martyn: Bar room brawler

Jim – close combat
Took Brutus to D’avin’s to go fishing

Shawn: Playing the Medic/Doctor

Dr. ‘Dutch’ Waaler – Combat Medic turned Physician
Served with D’avin Hicks at Second Somme

NOTE: I have tried to gather all of the info from Dave’s posts and organize it but I’m sure I’ve missed something so if you see anything please update it!

Character Creation:

you should make your characters and post them for approval. The opening episode is this Friday, 5 Aug 2016.

Starting level: 3

Stats: using the normal array with +2 to all stats.
(which would be 15 14 13 12 11 10)

Hit Points: hit points determined normally (max at 1st, roll the rest)

Race: human only, with one exception: one character (and only one: German’s Zach) may be a half Fey of some type (the character might not even be aware of it, if desired), with approval of the GM. abilities to be determined.


  • people were more self-sufficient back then, so plan your skills accordingly.
  • if anyone wants to do illegal activities (including hunter-type investigation around authorities), forged documents/IDs/disguises/etc are encouraged.

one bonus talent will be assigned to each character by the GM based on the Archetype chosen and the background given.

Starting Money:

  • characters get (highest Profession Rank) x 200 + 1500sc for starting gear.
  • plus a savings of 600sc you can’t dip into until game play starts.


  • unusual equipment may be vetoed for story purposes.
  • plus any mundane gear their lifestyle would have,
  • each character gets one magic item of their choice,
    • subject to approval, up to 2000sc.
    • players are encouraged to make unique items.
    • no weapons, nor armor, nor anything that character would not reasonably own.
  • the group will also have 1 or 2 cars.
    • who owns them is up for grabs. (probably wise to pair off when doing your backgrounds)
      • Dutch has one, a Jeep Super Wagoneer – 270 BHP of Off Roading Hell YES!
  • Hunters and Mystics may spend starting resources on consumable magic items (limited to 10% of starting wealth)
  • if you’re not proficient with an armor, you only get half the protection from it.


  • characters may not be aged to gain mental stats bonuses.
  • the human’s racial ability to add +2 to a stat may not be put in Dex, for setting balance purposes.
  • only Modern Path base classes,
    • no Chosen Ones, no angsty vampires, no half-vampire vampire hunters.
    • but there are ways of getting abilities from other classes with talents and feats (with Quantum Talent)
  • no one may start the game with any spell that increases AC.

Other info and clarifications:

  • factional BAB and saves, so multi-classing won’t suck. and also to enable picking talents from among the 6 Heroic Classes.
  • Attribute Path: they’re treated like 6 classes, but you can mix and match, like Str2/Wis3/Dex2.
    • the chart on pg 10 is your character level,
    • and the charts on pg 11-12 are class level.
    • it may not say either of those things in the book, but that’s how I decided to use it.
      • Example: the soldiers for the one shot were built like that; the only thing I messed up was the class skills: should be starting with 6 and whatever your traits give you.
  • a spellcaster type class uses the Wizard progression, spell selection is limited, but can be from any list (each spell must be approves). must use talents/feats to become this type of character.
    • Must take the archetype (Mystic) Training: Spell Casting which only gives access to Universal spells. Page 113 of Modern Path: Heroes
    • Must take the archetype (Mystic) Training: Arcane School to add magic schools.
      NOTE: add 2 schools instead of 1. Page 112 of Modern Path: Heroes


  • Hero class Armor Class bonus (untyped):
    • (1/2 BAB [round down])+(Base Reflex Save bonus [round down]) = Base AC Bonus
      • Base AC Bonus works v. Melee, Range and Ballistic attacks
    • Touch AC Bonus = 1/2 Base AC Bonus
    • CMD Bonus = 1/2 Base AC Bonus
  • Characters get 2 free retraining
  • +5 bonus Hit Points (as of 23 Sept 2016)

Character Background:

Dave: I’ve already come up with ways of bringing the party together, just need everyone to choose their roles and character concepts.

basic character archetypes (not related to classes or any mechanics):

  1. hunter who is good at physical things (usually melee)
  2. smart hunter who is good at IDing things, and can do physical things
  3. medic/EMT/doctor/coroner
  4. investigator (could be one of the hunters, kind of like Dresden from Dresden Files, maybe he’s an adept type class)
  5. mage/adept (this will be lower magic, so don’t build around exclusively using magic to do everything)
  6. ex soldier (could be the medic too, or one of the hunters)
  7. cop (or ex cop, maybe he’s the investigator)
  8. average Joe who gets pulled into the magical world, who has some useful skills for the life
  9. average Joe who gets pulled into the magical world who has useful skills for things outside the hunter life
  10. seemingly average Joe who is actually Fey, or half-something (this one will require some collaboration)
  11. bookworm average Joe, who’s studied the magical world and finds out things do exist, so he knows lots of things

(not exhaustive list, just samples)
players will get non-mechanics based perks for choosing less than optimal options that make for better story elements and plot hooks.
each class has at least 3/4 BAB, so even average Joe will do okay in a fight.

background character hooks:

  1. family died in a mysterious fire
  2. weird things kept happening around the character (and now they’re an adept)
  3. monsters killed (fill in the blank), and now I hunt them.
  4. saw something weird, now obsessed with figuring out what it was.

these things basically write themselves.

there will be a pair of hunters tied together, and then, based on what everyone else wants, we’ll mix and match until everyone has a tie to the party as the story begins.
might I suggest at least 2 of the characters have a family member that is a hunter they didn’t know about, like a strange uncle? maybe the same person. it’ll let me drop you in, and gift you gear.

money will be less important since there will be less gear, and there is a sort of automatic progression to the Modern classes, and for story purposes, very little magic items except for the hunters (and/or the heirloom trinkets mentioned before).

House Rules:

  • Damage Threshold rules from D20Modern are in play:
    • damage threshold = your Con score
      • (+3 if you take Improved Damage Threshold FEAT)
    • it’s a DC 15 Fort save or fall unconscious.
    • NOTE: likely won’t matter at this level, since a hit like that will take you down anyway.
  • no alignments. adjustments to spells and effects will be adjusted as needs.
    • note that it is a pretty much a moral society out there.
  • Hero Points are being used.
    • The modern section refers to “Hero Points that are spent in the normal fashion” This is a reference to the APG Using Hero Points ".
  • Fame and Prestige will not be used.
  • Factions may be used behind the scenes, but characters don’t need to worry about it.
  • There is a method to break some rules (for story purposes), but that is staying secret until the day the campaign starts.
  • use Quantum Talent to gain abilities from other Pathfinder classes. each must be pre-approved.
    • NOTE: if a power or ability is available from an archetype it will not be approved though a less powerful version might be.
      • example: Rogue sneak attack will not be approved because it is the same as the Infiltrator’s Covert attack. The Slayer sneak attack Might be approved because it is less powerful.
    • Monk Unarmed Strike is NOT approved
    • Rogue Scout Archetype is NOT approved
    • Fighter Archetype Brawler Close Combatant is approved
  • Feats from D20 MODERN (no good links available, copying from pdf)
    • Improved Damage Threshold:
      • Benefit: The character increases his or her massive damage threshold by 3 points.
      • Normal: A character without this feat has a massive damage threshold equal to his or her current Constitution score. With this feat, the character’s massive damage threshold is current Con +3.
      • Special: A character may gain this feat multiple times. Its effects stack.
    • Double tap:
      • Prerequisites: Dexterity 13, Point Blank Shot.
      • Benefit: When using a semiautomatic firearm with at least two bullets loaded, the character may fire two bullets as a single attack against a single target. The character receives a –2 penalty on this attack, but deals +1 die of damage with a successful hit. Using this feat fires two bullets and can only be done if the weapon has two bullets in it.
      • NOTE: The Damage from this feat is not like the damage from the Manyshot (Combat) feat.
      • Example: a Colt 1911 normally does 2D6+2 damage, a Colt 1911 Double Tap does 3D6+2 damage.
  • combat maneuvers don’t provoke AoOs unless they fail, or if they will do damage (even indirectly). there is a universal -2 penalty, which is removed by taking the Improved (whatever combat maneuver you want to take) feat.
  • Magic:
    • Archetype Training Arcane School adds 2 schools instead of 1.
    • There is only one type of magic, so all spells are Arcane spells. All magic is prepped like wizards. Spell failure won’t be an issue unless wearing armor that reduces your speed.
    • ignore spell scribing costs.
    • Most spells with longer than standard action but less than 4 rounds to cast are now standard action to cast.
    • All spells will have focus components, for example, Detect Magic will require you to look at things though a red tinted crystal lens to see auras. this will mostly be flavor or story fluff. up to you to come up with the things your character uses (if they use magic).
    • Magic must pretty much stay discrete. most people don’t know about it, and once someone starts using it, they’ll be noticed and visited by nebulous authorities.
  • Firearms
    • modern firearms ignore the first +3 of archaic armor’s bonus, not including enhancement bonus.
    • Using Semi-automatic rate take a -3 on all attacks instead of -2
    • The rapid shot feat (with firearms?) has a -3 to all attacks instead of -2
    • after much discussion, firearm criticals are now x3 instead of x4
    • reloading firearms without any feats:
      • box mag: move action
      • cylinder with speed loader: move action
      • cylinder without speed loader: full round action (per 10 rounds)
      • internal feed: full round action (per 10 rounds)
      • belt fed: full round action
    • reloading firearms with Rapid Reload
      • box mag: swift action
      • cylinder with speed loader: swift action
      • cylinder without speed loader: move action (per 10 rounds)
      • internal feed: move action (per 10 rounds)
      • belt fed: move action
      • linking two belts: move action (not reduced by Rapid Reload)
  • Melee
    • if you’re using an archaic weapon or similar, we might ignore some of the proficiencies, unless they get abused.
      • machete
      • sword
      • fire axe – Battle Axe?
      • baseball bat
      • knife
      • meat cleaver
      • brass knuckles.
        • pretty much use closest to those.

Day Job Profession Checks
change the chart to be this:
DC Earnings
5 $100
10 $500
15 $750
20 $1000
25 $1500
30 $2000
35 $3000
40 $5000


  • the Retraining rules are being used
    • the cost is $100 × your level × the number of days required to retrain.

Rules explanations and clarifications:

  • archetypes are like archetypes for the standard Pathfinder classes, they modify abilities of the base class.
  • talents are basically free form class features
  • traits are almost like regular traits, but they represent your background and occasionally your occupation.
    • NOTE: Modern path Traits are Campaign traits so you can only take one.
  • observe that it is a modern-ish era, not a lawless murder-hobo festival.

The Genre

Short version:
Supernatural and Dresden Files in the Roaring 20’s with 60’s Muscle Cars.

Longer version:
The world: 1920s not-quite-Earth, mix of the US’s Midwest and rural British Isles, with US’s Southwest connecting some of it, plus cars that look like 50-60s muscle cars. (because anachronisms, yay!)

Lots of smaller towns, spread out, as opposed to big sprawling cities (but there still are some cities). AM radio, a select few types of firearms of the era (any farm is likely to have a double barrel (or pump) shotgun, then there would be M1s, Tommy guns, M1911s, various revolvers, lever and bolt action hunting rifles, maybe the odd Luger, etc)

There will be lots of creatures that look human, but are not.

Any world-building input is welcome. contributors will gain a story-based bonus to be determined later. start with your background, and expand however you want.

The setting:

Here are some basics:

  • Fey that easily hide around people (or as people).
  • Demons and Devils that possess people.
  • powerful Fey control an Underworld.
  • The Nevernever, which connects the mortal realm to the Fey realm, and all other places, and also is useful for Traveling, but very dangerous.
  • The Summer and Winter Courts: opposing Fey factions. (both could be good or bad, same as humans)
  • Blade style vampires.
  • The Rangers: law enforcement and peace keepers, mostly sheriff-level, assume Wild West style.
  • use currency from my other game, but half is paper, half is coins. (think 1920s money value).
  • overtly carrying most weapons is frowned upon, unless you’re pretending to be a Ranger (choose those skills carefully), or are outside of a city. smaller towns are usually fine with it, depending how close you are to the badlands, or wildlands, though Rangers are likely to confront you. knives are fine.
  • city cops will probably use saps/billy clubs first, and are probably good at it.
  • commercial air travel is usually 20 seat passenger planes.
  • they don’t care what’s in your checked bags.


The Modern Path SRD
NOTE: There are some differences between the online SRD and the Book.

  • Healer is different from the Book version.

Shadow Hunters

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