Human Shifter 13


HP 171
Speed 30’
Saves: F15, R14, W10
AC: 28 (unbuffed). Typical combat AC: 32. Maximum self-buffed combat AC: 38

Feats: (1) Dodge, (1 campaign) Combat Casting, (1 human) Medium Armor Proficiency, (3) Power Attack, (3 bonus) Endurance, (5) Natural Spell, (7) Wild Speech, (9) Extra Bestial Trait: Evasion, (11) Extra Bestial Trait: Pounce, (13) Undecided: probably either Lunge or Extra Magical Talent: Greater Transformation

Bestial Traits:
Animal Hide – +1 natural armor
Improved Natural Armor – +1 natural armor
Magical Attacks – all natural attacks are +2 and considered silver, chaotic and cold iron.

Languages: All. Boundless Communication class ability (Ex) – can speak to and be understood by any creature with a language.

Init: + 4
BAP 9 / 4
CMB 16
CMD 34

Str 24, Dex 18, Con 20, Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 10
Casts spells as an 13th level ranger (CL 10, ranger spell list, ranger spell progression)

Perception 20
Heal 5
Fly 21
Acrobatics 6
Swim 9
Climb 9
Ride 3
Stealth 19
Escape Artist 12
Diplomacy 11
Sense Motive 6
Spellcraft 6
Knowledge Arcana 1
Knowledge Nature 4
Knowledge Geography 4
Survival 10

Spellslots (ranger spellsl)
Level – number of slots
1 – 5
2 – 4
3 – 3
4 – 1

Shapeshifting (sp)(move action that does not provoke AOO). May shift into various forms. Max duration of shift = 1 hour / 2 class levels (5 hours at level 11)
- Non-combat forms include things like bats and rats. They do not benefit from wild armor and do not have attacks, but are free.
- Combat forms cost 1 or more Shift tokens to shift into. Combat forms work like wild shape and allows any shape a druid of the same level could wild shift into. Additionally, the druid can also transform into medium magical beasts (per Beast Shape III), and may shift into forms allowed by Monstrous Physique I-III.
- Lyra may also spend additional shifter tokens to augment any combat form with traits from the following Alteration Sphere talents: Dragon Transformation, Plant Form, Undead Traits, Avian Transformation. These augments may be added all at once during the initial shift, or they can be added or changed afterwards by spending a move action and appropriate shifter tokens. (changing one or more augments requires 1 move action). No more than 3 augments may be active on a shifted form at any given time.

Tokens: Lyra starts the day with 13 shifter tokens. Token costs are as follows:
1 – base cost (for a medium sized animal or magical beast)
+1 – plant or elemental
+1 – large or huge size
+1 – per augment

Range of Attacks and AC vary by form chosen and buffs up. However, here is what I expect to use most of the time:

Medium Dragonnel
Speed 50’, Fly 90’ (Fly skill 17)
AC 32
Attacks: 1 Bite + 20 (1d6 + 11) and 2 Claws + 20 (1d4 + 11)

Expected combat strategy : Start adventuring in the above form. Once combat is joined and I see what we’re facing I will then decide whether to spend additional points to apply augments. offensive augments I can add include a breath weapon (6d8, reflex half DC21), and 2 talon attacks. Defensive augments include extra AC, damage reduction or boost to saves v. mind-effecting affects.

If we’re facing something that’s really deadly, I may end up swapping to elemental form. this costs me a lot of offense since I only get 2 attacks, but I gain immunity to bleed, crits, and sneak attacks.

Since an augmented combat form can cost me up to half my daily shifter tokens, I typically won’t ever intentionally drop form or swap to a completely different form.

Magic Items:
Ring of Protection + 3
Mithril Wild Breastplate + 1
Belt of Strength + 4, Con + 2, Dex + 2
+ 2 fly skill ring
Cloak of Resistance + 2
Dusty rose Ioun Stone ( + 1 Insight bonus to AC)
Headband of Wisdom + 2
Slotless Ring of Energy Resistance: Fire (10 fire resist)
Wands of Cure Light Wounds (50 charges)
Two Pearls of Power 1



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